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Flying bear

Campaign to make digital documents more accessible

Flying bear
We're creating several videos to make it easier to understand how to design documents anyone can access and everyone can read easily.  Just as the government defined physical accessibility rules, we are now encouraging computer users to make the digital world as welcoming as possible too. First, we created a campaign theme for the USDA Forest Service to enlist busy employees who are neither punished nor rewarded for changing their behaviors. We appealed to a communal responsibility. We Read more

Promote new employee benefits

BG Group is an energy and exploration company formerly known as British Gas. They work in more than 20 countries and employ around 5 200 people, drawn from 70 nations. Keeping all those employees working efficiently together requires the latest in technology coordination. We helped explain the introduction of improvements to global employees. Read more

Hollywood science fiction interface design repository

I recently found this great repository of scifi interface designs categorized by movie, producer, etc. If you're looking for cool inspiration for a UX project this might be the place. Here is a vast repository of very coolest sci-fi interface designs by movie, designer, company, etc.  And here is the article from fast company. Read more

Photo information graphic examples

I found this information graphic design website today and I'm adding it to our collection of resource suggestions. Some clients, like Accenture, prefer to use photo images in their information graphics. Although they probably don't need to know about Bigfoot sightings in doing their global work. Read more