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Flying bear

Campaign to make digital documents more accessible

Flying bear
We're creating several videos to make it easier to understand how to design documents anyone can access and everyone can read easily.  Just as the government defined physical accessibility rules, we are now encouraging computer users to make the digital world as welcoming as possible too. First, we created a campaign theme for the USDA Forest Service to enlist busy employees who are neither punished nor rewarded for changing their behaviors. We appealed to a communal responsibility. We Read more

The ITIL library of information graphics

I worked with REC Silicon and Toby Lucich of Return Consulting a few years ago to translate some of the core ideas behind the Information Technology Infrastructure Library into visuals that could be understood more easily by laypeople. Included below are several of the image maps and beneath are some of the original files used as reference. Yuck. This is a good example of the work I do with consulting clients to make hard to understand subjects easier to 'get' and act upon. Visual communications Read more

Information graphics support process change

When Hoffman Construction updated their mission critical project tracking software, visuals were used to clarify the need for change, how processes would improve, and what was required of employees. Here's a short testimonial outlining the projects challenges and objectives. For more examples of how the projects unfolded, please visit our related Hoffman posts. Read more

Bring meaning to your numbers

Let's say you have carefully calculated data to convey in helping your audience make a choice. If your audience is not full of statisticians, you may want to recast the presentation in terms of THEIR interests. Mercer is one of the world's largest HR consulting firms, offering a wide variety of services. One service area relates to "global mobility" - moving managers and executives from country to country. It's surprisingly complicated - and expensive. I was recently invited to help describe how Read more

Support a superb process with good case studies

After investing time and money in developing a process for delivering services to clients, it pays to continue supporting success through marketing case stories. A good demonstration of how the process delivered results helps prospects understand their opportunities. Hoffman Construction follows a seven-phase build process in the their work with clients. The major steps as seen in their PPT overview are below. A presenter can click on any of the items at the top to spend more time on the details Read more