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a national infrastructure model

Business case stories are very persuasive when illustrated

a national infrastructure model
If you're trying to convince an audience that your approach works, it helps to use a good case story. Illustrating those cases can add the interest of a graphic novel, without being super nerdy about it. While working with the Forest Service we developed a series of cases describing the benefits of cloud-based collaborative mapping data, or geospatial data. Here are a few examples. As we discussed the benefits and opportunities, additional applications came to light for Read more

Use infographics to describe consulting services

When you're asked as a consultant to make a presentation, it's easy to find a PPT deck that's loaded with boxes pointing at other boxes. The reason so many presentations from different companies look the same is because they're all using PPT and the same building blocks. If you want your services to stand apart as more clear and compelling, it's important to make the visual representation as unique as your service. Read more

Visual Communications for Management Consultants

I was with the Institute of Management Consultants this morning, discussing how visuals facilitate process change, marketing, and learning. I've posted my PPT with samples of the science, good use cases from my work, and ideas for improving presentations. Enjoy! Mark Visuals in business consulting View more presentations from mark_allen Read more