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Operational risk management explained

Operational risk is a necessary part of any business that's innovating and growing. The degree to which risk is acceptable and how risk is managed determines whether 'risk' is helpful or dangerous. If risks are inadequately supervised a big business can be bankrupted suddenly. Since all members of an organization share in operational risk management, everyone needs to have an understanding of risk sources and their management framework. We recently undertook a very high-level depiction Read more

SAP communication visually evolves

When a very large organization changes a central software package that everyone uses, it's important to communicate clearly. Duh! Departments don't (or shouldn't) operate in silos; and they seldom understand one another's business. Putting all the pieces together so each group can understand one another's operations can become critical. That way the new opportunities and necessary work transitions can be adopted more quickly. We developed a series of SAP communications for different corporate Read more

Rollout SAP communications that improve adoption

REC Silicon is a producer of Silane for use in computer screens, solar panels, and other industrial applications. Several years ago I assisted in a communications program to upgrade their SAP software and install the information technology infrastructure library, or ITIL. We developed visual communications to explain how these changes would benefit employees and branded the program for interest. There were PowerPoint templates and presentations for local office representatives to use in communicating Read more