A happy group of castaways

When your plane has crashed in the ocean…

Why not order something from the menu or strike up a game of cards? After all it's going to be a while before rescue arrives. The history of airline safety cards is an interesting study in illustration. My conclusion is that ditching in the ocean was WAY more fun before I started flying. We recently worked with Safeair Media in Seattle to develop a clear and informative style that emphasizes critical actions over details of plane upholstery, race, or gender. The goal was to minimize any non-essential Read more

Operational risk management explained

Operational risk is a part of any business that's innovative and growing. The degree to which risk is acceptable, and how risk is managed determines whether 'risk' is helpful or dangerous. If risks are inadequately supervised a big business can be bankrupted suddenly. Since all members of an organization share in operational risk management, everyone needs to have an understanding of risk sources and their management framework. We undertook a very high-level depiction of risk for a global Read more
A photo of the Vaux building

Make your case with legal clarity

When water valves failed in several NEW construction Portland condominium buildings, we helped the tenants' legal team prepare. We worked with the esteemed firm of Dunn Carney to clearly depict the differences in plumbing between the properties. The only similarities in the failed water systems were faulty valves that degraded too quickly. While the construction documents had too much internal detail, the architecture renderings only showed surface detail. To focus jurors attention, simple transparent Read more
Forest Service shield

Design a plan for success

"A goal without a plan is just a wish" said Antoine de saint-Exupery. I'm not sure who he is but I like the thought.  Working closely with our friends at the the Forest Service Land Mobile Radio (LMR) group, we developed a strategic plan to implement key changes and improvements. We reviewed original data sources and wrote the draft, created charts with layouts, and a PPT roadshow for regional discussions. We also sketched next steps and responsibilities to facilitate discussion. The communications Read more