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AutoDesk’s organic animated organization chart

I saw this on Fast Company this morning and thought to post it here. If you’ve ever thought you were in the belly of a beast this might be the visual proof you need.

Changes to the company are mapped over four years with nodes representing the 7,000 employees getting reorganized regularly.

Redraw a business model clearly

New start-ups often have to introduce their services to investors and potential users who have never seen anything similar. If a model is difficult to understand and clouds key benefits, then audiences will quickly lose interest. The following model demonstrates how a financial services company enables email users to make secure transactions from within their bank's email messages. The updated presentation depicts a bank customer, a clear sequence of events, and the product's benefit. In this Read more

Illustrate business models to improve understanding

We've recently updated a business model representation in our continuing work for the amazing Rural Village Energy hub and our client RVE.SOL - Solucoes de Energia Rural Lda. I'm sharing the model as a lesson in how to help audiences see what you mean. Here is the before, a collection of art files and arrows that don't convey a clear  message.   In the redesigned version below, you'll see several helpful changes we made. Used images consistently; no switching from photo to illustration Read more