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Hollywood science fiction interface design repository

I recently found this great repository of scifi interface designs categorized by movie, producer, etc. If you're looking for cool inspiration for a UX project this might be the place. Here is a vast repository of very coolest sci-fi interface designs by movie, designer, company, etc.  And here is the article from fast company. Read more

How to create infographics in Adobe Illustrator

Hi all, Here is a class I recently noticed posted on Lynda's educational site. For those of you who are do-it-yourself fans, this might be worthwhile. Note this is for numerical data and not abstract representational models of processes and such. Welcome Creating Infographics with Illustrator | by Mordy Golding View this entire Creating Infographics with Illustrator course and more in the library. Read more

Boost your own creative output

I recently spoke on creativity at Toastmasters, and I have a few insights to share here. These are recent discoveries from the wide world of science! As you may suspect, personality is a factor in how creative you might be. People that are easily distracted, uninhibited, or perhaps even eccentric, tend to be more creative. They likely have the open-mindedness that allows free association and creativity. They also will likely be prone to other personal shortcomings and challenges that can be discussed Read more