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How to picture Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

It's fun (for me anyway) to find ways to visually describe a complicated idea so anyone can understand. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is one of those technology topics that benefits greatly from a visual spin. Below are some alternative sketches developed for the Forest Service as they work to build smart new apps for work and recreation. From Wikipedia: Service-oriented architecture is less about how to modularize an application, and more about how to compose an application by integration Read more
a sign that says text and typefaces

Improve document accessibility through text choices

a sign that says text and typefaces
There are simple ways to make your online musings more accessible to everyone, particularly those using screen-reading software. We've been developing a series of short, informative videos for the Forest Service to help employees embrace some easy suggestions. For example, using shapes as well as colors in a legend helps those that are color blind understand a map. Fun Fact: Bees can't see the color red. Since we are all very busy at work, it's easy to put off reading up on how to create Read more

Visual dashboards for project tracking

Engaging illustrations make it easier to communicate status updates. A quick, visual read of progress supports understanding among participants so they can stay on track and know what's coming next. I've gathered a few examples from different clients here to show the diversity of approaches available. If your timeline spans years, it's certainly helpful to retain some editing capabilities to reshuffle priorities. We used powerpoint in this Forest Service example to outline several critical Read more