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Your government using information graphics

Or I should say they are trying to. Here's an article from one of my favorite Fast Company contributors about how one person at the Congressional Budget Office is creating information graphics to inform debate. Jonathan Schwabish is an economist working to summarize massive reports into single headlines people need to know. He was inspired by an Edward Tufte presentation I too have seen. Read more

Harvard Business Press book illustrations

Tom Davenport, a visiting professor of business at Harvard contacted us last summer about a new book he's finishing: Keeping Up with the Quants. The book will be an accessible review of when and how to use quantitative analysis to help improve your decision making.  We read the book and made suggestions as to where topics could be better understood through the use of visual communications. Since visualizing data is a key recommendation for improved decision making, we felt it was important to make Read more

Early information graphic pioneer

I found this article interesting about an early use of visual mapping for data mining to achieve new insights and knowledge. Actually, the very FIRST use. Read the Fast Company piece about Francis Walker who put together the first statistical atlas in 1874. Hey it got him a job as president of MIT, so it must have been impressive...   Read more

Using information graphics for education

The following short video was prepared to describe how the locals in Sidonge, Kenya are using Visual Translations information graphics to use and maintain their Kudura, or rural village energy unit. The Kudura was designed and built by RVE.SOL, a Portuguese social entrepreneurship. There is more information on the pilot program's progress, and opportunities for you to get involved with RVE.SOL in breaking the economic dynamics of poverty. In this Portuguese video, it's interesting to note how Read more