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Photo information graphic examples

I found this information graphic design website today and I'm adding it to our collection of resource suggestions. Some clients, like Accenture, prefer to use photo images in their information graphics. Although they probably don't need to know about Bigfoot sightings in doing their global work. Read more

How to create infographics in Adobe Illustrator

Hi all, Here is a class I recently noticed posted on Lynda's educational site. For those of you who are do-it-yourself fans, this might be worthwhile. Note this is for numerical data and not abstract representational models of processes and such. Welcome Creating Infographics with Illustrator | by Mordy Golding View this entire Creating Infographics with Illustrator course and more in the library. Read more

Using information graphics for education

The following short video was prepared to describe how the locals in Sidonge, Kenya are using Visual Translations information graphics to use and maintain their Kudura, or rural village energy unit. The Kudura was designed and built by RVE.SOL, a Portuguese social entrepreneurship. There is more information on the pilot program's progress, and opportunities for you to get involved with RVE.SOL in breaking the economic dynamics of poverty. In this Portuguese video, it's interesting to note how Read more

AutoDesk’s organic animated organization chart

I saw this on Fast Company this morning and thought to post it here. If you’ve ever thought you were in the belly of a beast this might be the visual proof you need.

Changes to the company are mapped over four years with nodes representing the 7,000 employees getting reorganized regularly.