image of some problems like old hardware, and bottlenecks

Hey, is the internet slow today?

When an IT department fields calls about internet problems there are often causes beyond their control. These include the use of older equipment/software, the online activities of colleagues, and automated updates being pushed over the network. We recently assisted our friends at the Forest Service in visually describing some typical challenges to networks.

sketch of bandwidth challenges

The sources and remedies for a slow connection are varied

We discussed the misconception that IT departments have complete (magical?) control over network performance issues and how best to efficiently handle service calls to the help desk quickly and informatively. A very clear PPT presentation was developed that introduces some top reasons for a network slowdown and what could be done to minimize speed reductions. The IT department could also speak with leadership about the associated costs of increasing allocated bandwidth, and why certain important decisions are made. For example, emergency communications (fire, flood, hurricane relief) are always prioritized.

Have a look and as always, please share your thoughts.

an illustration of network challenge and cures

Various sections of the final illustration could be highlighted for discussion