Our Process

As business consultants, we begin by preparing clear, concise statements of work to meet your objectives and provide value, and as veterans of large service organizations we understand how important planning is to success.

We require your guidance in gathering enough information to suggest smart solutions. Based on your interests, we’ll provide an estimate that is sufficiently tight for your budgeting requirements and inclusive of options worth considering. There is no charge for early consultations, idea sharing, discussions, and proposal generation.

Once the scope of work is approved, we often require more detailed information.

Visual Planning Process

Form follows function and message maps to meaning

The development steps for a new communication follow research into WHO needs to be MOTIVATED to do WHAT. Your business goals must be understood and should be measurable to gauge success.


We meet in person or over the phone to gather information about your audience and communication challenges. A better understanding of the situation will yield the most successful solution.
Activ Architectures Before

What you provide

  • Any supporting information
  • Input from all stakeholders
  • The case for change
  • Identity standards or templates you use
  • Primary take-away messages you want to convey
  • Schedule and availability confirmations


A summary of communication issues to overcome, identity standards to use, timeline, and final budget confirmation or revision.


We create alternative rough ‘napkin’ sketches or conceptual drawings to quickly convey communication options. This is fun!
Activ concept

What you provide

  • Participation and input
  • Guidance and clarification
  • Confirmation of direction
  • Copy input and content


A final graphic direction is chosen from several alternatives that has the right emphasis on various pieces and all components identified.


The rough copy and illustration are put in place in a hand drawn sketch. A sample of the final style(s) to be used may also be submitted for review.
Activ design

What you provide

  • Consolidated feedback
  • Clear and specific direction
  • Vector logo and corporate ID rules
  • Final copy and edits


The final output from this phase is ready for production in vector art that can be resized and repurposed in the future. Only very minor art alterations are expected, though copy may change further.


Final copy is placed and the illustration is finished digitally in Illustrator. Other additional file types, PPT for example, might also be created.
Activ Production

What you provide

  • Consolidated feedback
  • Final text approval
  • Confirm any final edits
  • Check contact numbers, etc.


The final files should be ready to go before your audience.

Final approval

Have we covered everything to your satisfaction? This is where we review last minute additions and debrief the development effort.
Activ Approved

What you provide

  • Minor final edits
  • Approval to close project
  • Constructive feedback on process
  • Follow up date to review reactions


We will discuss next steps to review reactions and explore adjustments that might improve communications.