Illustrate business models to improve understanding

We’ve recently updated a business model representation in our continuing work for the amazing Rural Village Energy hub and our client RVE.SOL – Solucoes de Energia Rural Lda. I’m sharing the model as a lesson in how to help audiences see what you mean.

Here is the before, a collection of art files and arrows that don’t convey a clear  message.


In the redesigned version below, you’ll see several helpful changes we made.

  • Used images consistently; no switching from photo to illustration to icon.
  • Moved the vertical text (too hard to read) to right-reading, sequenced positions
  • Straightened out the movement of the arrows for logical flow.
  • Centered the product (star of the show) and gave it prominence using color.

After redesign: Business model

KUDURA biz model final
Here’s a link to a product sell sheet we also designed, to explain how the Kudura works.