Our work has helped companies improve their business processes, market new products, and train employees in new skills. We’ve included a few live interviews in addition to testimonials from our past work.

Mark has changed the way we depict our brand (www.dat.com). For years, I’ve looked for someone who could help us tell our brand and product stories visually: since we’re a somewhat complex, data-driven company, having someone who could help customers “get” what we do instantaneously was important, as well as depict the value in our premium products was critical. Mark’s the guy — creative, innovative, and a really short study. He understands marketing and business. I give him the strongest possible recommendation.

Ken Harper
DAT Solutions, Director Marketing & Communications

Mark is a fabulous graphic designer, capable of taking concepts and ideas and putting them into visual displays that tell the story for any program or project. He is a dynamite team player and maintains high-quality communications with all team members, His sense of humor is unsurpassed. He is a great listener and able to analyze the issues or needs of program managers, research appropriate responses, and develop creative solutions that meet expressed objectives. I highly recommend Mark for any managerial position in communications because he understands human behavior and learning abilities and ensures communications are clear and effective. He has an fantastic leadership ability to stimulate excellent team interactions that contribute to the ultimate success of a project, program, company or agency.

Cindy Bork
USDA Forest Service, Publicist

Mark really helped us take complex ideas & technologies within our emerging market, and create a simplified communications style that was well suited to our executive audience. The results and feedback from our clients, leadership, and industry experts was fantastic. Mark is easy to work, integrates feedback very well, and listens intently. He always asks great questions before proposing new ideas that are impactful and create value.

John Schullian
Accenture, Senior Manager

Mark’s work in creating clear visuals to convey complicated technology jargon may prove to be the most helpful tool available to Change Management efforts in all IT organizations. It’s doubtful there is any better way to convey complicated messages in a way that audiences can easily understand. In addition to his work, Mark’s true spirit of giving is a real inspiration.

Mary-Kay Kaminski
Yale University, Change Management Specialist

I work with Mark as an extension of my team — he supports us in those areas that look easy, but really are so hard, yet vital…in the clear communication of what we do and how we do it. We value our partnership with Mark and are happy to have him as part of our extended ecosystem.

M. Tamra Chandler
Founder of PeopleFirm, and former Andersen managing partner

Mark did a fantastic job of creating our careers site using Flash to make it much more fresh, current and lively than our previous careers site. Mark was very collaborative and client-focused to ensure that we arrived at a creative solution that elevated our web presence. I would definitely hire Mark again as needs arise!

Karen Brandt
Senior Manager, HR Operations at Moss Adams LLP

I recruited Mark to speak to my group, the Oregon Columbia chapter of IABC, on visual communications. Mark did not disappoint! He is obviously an expert, but he’s not a know-it-all. Mark handled his lunchtime crowd of 40 as if we were having a chat in his living room. As you might expect, his slide show was well-chosen and visually intriguing. Many of our members complimented me afterwards on providing such a fine speaker. Mark taught us something, made it look easy, and made me look good.

Steve Bieler
Content Manager