Forest Service digital document accessibility program
The US government’s 508 rule requires making digital documents accessible to all, including those with sight, hearing, or motor coordination challenges. Our objective is to encourage participation through an emotional understanding of the challenges some people face. We then summarized the most helpful actions everyone should take.


How to work with text and typography

Using images and alternative text

Enterprise Active Directory introduction
Coordinating a large-scale organizational change can be tricky. The Forest Service recently moved over 40,000 users to a new directory system with enhanced capabilities. We created an entertaining video using some of our previously developed information graphics to communicate the ‘migratory’ steps.

Help desk promotional video
The customer help desk for the Forest Service supports the entire USDA, or over 100,000 employees. This video was created to reintroduce the services offered by the Forest Service help desk, and the various ways to get in touch. We also dispelled some false perceptions such as the way charges for support are calculated.