A happy group of castaways

When your plane has crashed in the ocean…

Why not order something from the menu or strike up a game of cards? After all it’s going to be a while before rescue arrives. The history of airline safety cards is an interesting study in illustration. My conclusion is that ditching in the ocean was WAY more fun before I started flying.

We recently worked with Safeair Media in Seattle to develop a clear and informative style that emphasizes critical actions over details of plane upholstery, race, or gender. The goal was to minimize any non-essential distractions. A short evolution through time follows with stops in the 1950s, 1980s, and 2018. Safe travels, my valued readers.

raft of happy cast aways

What are the stewards standing upon? The sunken plane? Other passengers?


women with life jacket

Sooo happy. She loves the look!

man putting on lifejacket

This is in current use. Unnecessarily busy visual with no need to be racially specific.

life jacket series

We worked in our refresh to show as little extraneous visual info as possible.