Redesign a website

We were recently hired to develop a new website for SP4C, or Systems and Processes for Capital Programs. They provide engineering help to clients looking to improve data management across very large capital projects.

The original home page and secondary pageĀ  are posted here for review with the variations presented for redesign.

page before redesignSP4C before 2ndOur approach is to learn what competitors, if any, present, how the client wants to be perceived, and assets are available for inclusion. These might include bio photos, illustrations, business models, blogs, or other useful content to share. Several design directions are presented, generally starting with a home page to set a tone and direction. Then the secondary pages are detailed with content. In this way, redundant work and redesigns can be avoided by sequentially drilling down into the new site structure.

sp4c design option 1 sp4c design options sp4c design option 2These three directions provide optional ways to apply content to the page while maintaining a professional, and colorful new direction. After discussing preferences, the first design was chosen and modified further. Then the secondary pages for the site were developed.

sp4c second pageWith the new site design and original content, we were able to develop all new copy drafts in Word. This was then placed into the design, and proofread again a couple times for transposition, typos, and clarity. Sometimes things in context don’t work as intended because of length or other issues.

The blog is designed to match the site and convey the latest post to the homepage for an every changing and fresh experience.

The new site is up and running. Go have a look around and drop me a note with your thoughts. We’d love to help you tune up your site.