SAP communication visually evolves

When a very large organization changes a central software package that everyone uses, it’s important to communicate clearly. Duh! Departments don’t (or shouldn’t) operate in silos; and they seldom understand one another’s business. Putting all the pieces together so each group can understand one another’s operations can become critical. That way the new opportunities and necessary work transitions can be adopted more quickly.

We developed a series of SAP communications for different corporate functions using visuals to make complicated processes more transparent as they evolved. It’s very interesting to see how the depictions change over time through leadership discussions. I’ve included one such evolutionary progression below for transportation services and tracking.

Here are a couple of the starting point input slides we were provided that were redeveloped through consulting to highlight benefits and important improvements.

SAP communications

SAP Communications

The 'before' depiction from SAP

The ‘before’ depiction from SAP

Early depiction of transportation process

Early depiction of transportation process

The story continued to evolve in components and clarity over about a month of work.

Transportation planning 091714


Transportation 092614Transportation 100814

Final view, minus some labels

Final view, minus some labels