Support a superb process with good case studies

After investing time and money in developing a process for delivering services to clients, it pays to continue supporting success through marketing case stories. A good demonstration of how the process delivered results helps prospects understand their opportunities.

Hoffman Construction follows a seven-phase build process in the their work with clients. The major steps as seen in their PPT overview are below. A presenter can click on any of the items at the top to spend more time on the details involved in that phase.

This is the build process navigation that appears at the top of PPT slides

The results of following the process can be seen in the success of various building projects like The Indigo condominiums in Portland, Oregon. A bi-fold case story was developed to demonstrate how the Hoffman approach benefitted the client. While the front and back describe the specific property, the inner spread focuses on the high-efficiency features that help a building save water. The inner spread can be separately used in presentations to new clients when water conservation is of interest.

Front page describes challenges faced

Setting up the challenges on the front places a favorable emphasis on the consultative process taken to a successful construction project. Hoffman’s expertise is showcased in the center spread, and the excellent results achieved for the building’s owner conclude this case story.

By focusing on the unique skills and experience brought to the project, there is less of an opportunity for buyers to overlook skill in the competitive bidding process for new construction.


The inner spread describes water-saving features in a high-performance building


Results achieved