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A chalkboard that says images and alt text

Use accessible images and alt. text in digital docs

A chalkboard that says images and alt text

At some point we’re all likely to need help reading our screens. We recently completed another concise video in our series for the Forest Service on how to work with images and alt text to improve accessibility. Even if you don’t know anyone with challenges at present, designing your content for accessibility makes material more usable in general.

The series is intended to make a dent in the mental blocks most authors have in understanding accessibility guidelines. We create fun two-minute topical overviews that help make the dry and daunting rule documents more easily understood.

An accessible coffee shop

The accessible hangout for all forest residents

The premise in the series is that we should “take care of the entire pack” by being considerate of others. There are different ways to access information online and we want to make sure that all recipients can ‘get the picture’.

Two wolves, one uses eyes and the other his ears

Different means are used to surf the internet.

To build interest in accessibility training, we hid an ‘easter egg’ in the prior video and encouraged employees to look for it. Correct answer submissions were registered for the honor of being drawn into this video’s cybercafe. Without a punishment or reward for compliance, we’ve been forced to explore alternative means of encouraging behavioral change.

The final video is posted on YouTube and joins text and type, the prior installment, as well as our introduction to accessibility guidelines.