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Integrated Delivery Networks IDN

What is an IDN, and why should you care?

Integrated Delivery Networks IDN
An IDN, or Integrated Delivery Network, is a managed care network that may exert more influence over care recommendations than your doctor or insurance company. An IDN can determine what the standard of care is for a specific ailment, and which drugs are going to be 'on formulary' and most often available to you as a patient. For pharmaceutical companies, the rise of IDNs in different markets complicates sales and distribution success by introducing an organization with varied objectives by Read more

SAP communication visually evolves

When a very large organization changes a central software package that everyone uses, it's important to communicate clearly. Duh! Departments don't (or shouldn't) operate in silos; and they seldom understand one another's business. Putting all the pieces together so each group can understand one another's operations can become critical. That way the new opportunities and necessary work transitions can be adopted more quickly. We developed a series of SAP communications for different corporate Read more

Visions of Tomorrow, 1925 painting, inspired Ford comeback

A single painting from an old ad inspired Ford's customer centric come back over the last few years. This according to Alan Mulally, their successful CEO. Read the article about how a single powerful image can move an organization. Personally, I think it's somewhat odd and Terminator-like in the looming display of industrial might. Read more

Hollywood science fiction interface design repository

I recently found this great repository of scifi interface designs categorized by movie, producer, etc. If you're looking for cool inspiration for a UX project this might be the place. Here is a vast repository of very coolest sci-fi interface designs by movie, designer, company, etc.  And here is the article from fast company. Read more

Photo information graphic examples

I found this information graphic design website today and I'm adding it to our collection of resource suggestions. Some clients, like Accenture, prefer to use photo images in their information graphics. Although they probably don't need to know about Bigfoot sightings in doing their global work. Read more