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Business process change design

If you're a business change consultant or communications manager as many of my clients are today, then you know how hard it can be to change a way of doing things. Really, not many people like to have change forced upon them for any reason. So if you're considering a new program, developing communications to support the change is critical. Otherwise you risk having people not understand your change, at best, or thoroughly resist it, at worst. We've helped clients like Nike, Mercer, and other companies Read more

Build consensus for process change

Companies invest a lot in their technology. Often overlooked is the more important role  individual employees have in embracing (or rejecting) the process change that often accompanies new technology investments. For Hoffman Construction, a visual approach enabled leadership to convey the crucial benefits that would follow a series of technology investments. This led to greater employee understanding and acceptance of change. Some of the original presentation slides focused on benefits as items Read more

Fast Company’s Top Information Graphics 2011

I really enjoy these summaries with links to the actual presentations on various subjects. It's possible to get new ideas from seeing what's been successful for other industries and topics. The interactive blend of data and visualization is truly imaginative and inspiring. Fast Company's Top Information Graphics 2011 Read more

Illustrate business models to improve understanding

We've recently updated a business model representation in our continuing work for the amazing Rural Village Energy hub and our client RVE.SOL - Solucoes de Energia Rural Lda. I'm sharing the model as a lesson in how to help audiences see what you mean. Here is the before, a collection of art files and arrows that don't convey a clear  message.   In the redesigned version below, you'll see several helpful changes we made. Used images consistently; no switching from photo to illustration Read more