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How can levels of service be visually described?

There are times when several choices are available for consideration, and the choices can be made along various criteria. Different options like service level, cost, features can all conspire to make a clear choice difficult. In those instances a visual representation can be very helpful.

Here’s a great example from Mercer, one of the world’s largest HR consulting firms. We explored several options for the Mercer Workforce Insight Network, or Mercer WIN. This software product is accessible online and offers a variety of helpful reports to talent management professionals worldwide. Our first challenge was to study the existing model and understand the various buyer opportunities represented:

As is often the case with a model forced into a shape; the four sides are not equally important or even necessary. Who is the audience? What do they want to do? How can this product help them do it more efficiently and accurately? One early approach was to organize Mercer’s products according to several key things talent managers needed to accomplish.

Choices organized by three consumer needs

We considered how audiences might want to purchase the product at various analytical levels. The ‘Data Analysis Power Curve’ on the left roughly correlates with how users can access the data. It begins with a basic reports and proceeds through correlations and predictive causation models.

This option uses the 'Data Analysis Power Curve' to organize options

We chose at a solution that placed the buyer, or Talent Manager, at the front and center, in control of all the features that might be needed as a company grows in data requirements. This allowed us to build the story from the center out in the final production.

Once the conceptual direction is chosen, we work to create a detailed or ‘blueprint’ drawing that has the correct visuals and draft copy positioned. This guides final illustration production. Here is the updated model with more detail.

The final version looked like this, and was updated with an animated version and different languages. The product levels are at left, the major benefits are at the top on the big screens, and the data analysis capabilities are at the right side.

As an additional benefit, related products can be discussed within the visual context by bringing then in as additional support segments surrounding the talent manager.

Here is a short video interview with Chi Swain, Partner with Mercer Human Resource Consulting.