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A happy group of castaways

When your plane has crashed in the ocean…

A happy group of castaways
Why not order something from the menu or strike up a game of cards? After all it's going to be a while before rescue arrives. The history of airline safety cards is an interesting study in illustration. My conclusion is that ditching in the ocean was WAY more fun before I started flying. We recently worked with Safeair Media in Seattle to develop a clear and informative style that emphasizes critical actions over details of plane upholstery, race, or gender. The goal was to minimize any non-essential Read more

How to create infographics in Adobe Illustrator

Hi all, Here is a class I recently noticed posted on Lynda's educational site. For those of you who are do-it-yourself fans, this might be worthwhile. Note this is for numerical data and not abstract representational models of processes and such. Welcome Creating Infographics with Illustrator | by Mordy Golding View this entire Creating Infographics with Illustrator course and more in the lynda.com library. Read more