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A “how to” guide for rural utilities: with no words

The villagers of Sodonge Africa have a hard time finding clean drinking water. And they're not alone. Over 40% of the world's population does not have access to safe, clean drinking water including 400 million people (41%) in Africa. One innovative company, Soluçoes de Energia Rural Lda., created a Rural Village Energy (RVE) hub for placement in remote African villages that does much more than filter water. The RVE provides several essential functions; clean drinking water through filtration, Read more

Visual Communications for Management Consultants

I was with the Institute of Management Consultants this morning, discussing how visuals facilitate process change, marketing, and learning. I've posted my PPT with samples of the science, good use cases from my work, and ideas for improving presentations. Enjoy! Mark Visuals in business consulting View more presentations from mark_allen Read more