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A photo of the Vaux building

Make your case with legal clarity

A photo of the Vaux building
When water valves failed in several NEW construction Portland condominium buildings, we helped the tenants' legal team prepare. We worked with the esteemed firm of Dunn Carney to clearly depict the differences in plumbing between the properties. The only similarities in the failed water systems were faulty valves that degraded too quickly. While the construction documents had too much internal detail, the architecture renderings only showed surface detail. To focus jurors attention, simple transparent Read more

Important documents deserve to be read: Apple!

There are important statistics and stories to be told that just don't get the creative attention they deserve. Legal forms, proposals, billing statements and such often fall short of the more polished front end marketing materials companies produce. Why? Don't customers deserve to be shown some creative consideration throughout their interaction with a business. Branding doesn't stop after the sale. Here's an interesting note on Apple's curiously unfriendly terms of service: "Apple terms of service Read more