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Illustrate new product information

When an interesting new product was acquired in a merger, Mercer needed a way to differentiate it from the other, similar report products available. We offered three visual options for describing how a human resources executive might benefit from this new product. The workforce modeling tool enables careful analysis of important decision points like compensation strategies, expansion planning, or demographic modeling. How can a company use the valuable reports to most efficiently address all these Read more

Visualize Return on Investment (ROI) to promote products

Put the financial advantages of your services in perspective to influence thinking. We combine the analytical power of numbers with an emotional appeal. If work can be made easier and the entire office becomes much more efficient, why not try it? The Return on Investment happens so quickly that it makes perfect sense from a financial perspective. For US freight brokers that work with complex and fast-moving data, we provided an image that put them at the center of services that make them more efficient Read more

Clarify a complicated story in PowerPoint

I've recently had the privilege of helping a former employer, Accenture, in developing new presentations to support a complex software product for utilities. The software integrates, manages, and visually displays data from Smart Grid operations to inform intelligent decisions. This project provides a great example of how to redevelop a deck with a focus on user understanding and benefits. Some of Accenture's utility clients are overseas, so visuals are extra useful in transcending language barriers Read more

Important documents deserve to be read: Apple!

There are important statistics and stories to be told that just don't get the creative attention they deserve. Legal forms, proposals, billing statements and such often fall short of the more polished front end marketing materials companies produce. Why? Don't customers deserve to be shown some creative consideration throughout their interaction with a business. Branding doesn't stop after the sale. Here's an interesting note on Apple's curiously unfriendly terms of service: "Apple terms of service Read more