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snippet from an illustration on MDM

How to explain Master Data Management

snippet from an illustration on MDM
Technically difficult to explain topics benefit from clear visual explanations. We recently undertook a wide-ranging series of topical illustrations to help implement an SAP software upgrade. Here's one from the series, with definition, sketch, and final file. Master data management (MDM) is a comprehensive method of enabling an enterprise to link all of its critical data to one file, called a master file, that provides a common point of reference. When properly done, MDM streamlines data sharing Read more

Visual depiction of ITIL service request framework

The USDA Forest Service contacted me to help in describing their improved approach to managing thousands of technical service requests. Our Forest Service manages land resources across the country, and the requests coming into the CIO vary widely from mobile land radio support in remote woodlands to more common requests for software and hardware upgrades and management. Read more

Redraw a business model clearly

New start-ups often have to introduce their services to investors and potential users who have never seen anything similar. If a model is difficult to understand and clouds key benefits, then audiences will quickly lose interest. The following model demonstrates how a financial services company enables email users to make secure transactions from within their bank's email messages. The updated presentation depicts a bank customer, a clear sequence of events, and the product's benefit. In this Read more

Support a superb process with good case studies

After investing time and money in developing a process for delivering services to clients, it pays to continue supporting success through marketing case stories. A good demonstration of how the process delivered results helps prospects understand their opportunities. Hoffman Construction follows a seven-phase build process in the their work with clients. The major steps as seen in their PPT overview are below. A presenter can click on any of the items at the top to spend more time on the details Read more

Develop non-linear presentations to facilitate understanding

Most conversations are non-linear, so why limit your important client presentations to a series of cascading 'Power Points'? A non-linear approach to process presentation will allow a speaker to follow the inquiries of audience members. In the example below, Hoffman Construction visually demonstrates the major phases in the build process. Clicking on any of the images jumps to that phase. Once on a building phase page (below), a navigation bar along the top allows a quick return to the overall Read more