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Operational risk management explained

Operational risk is a part of any business that's innovative and growing. The degree to which risk is acceptable, and how risk is managed determines whether 'risk' is helpful or dangerous. If risks are inadequately supervised a big business can be bankrupted suddenly. Since all members of an organization share in operational risk management, everyone needs to have an understanding of risk sources and their management framework. We undertook a very high-level depiction of risk for a global Read more

Sales organization, as an infographic

Sales planning for large organizations touches manufacturing, shipping, procurement, trade discounts, events, and other areas. Sales management activities are obviously crucial to the success of most any organization. In our visual depiction of sales, we strove to provide a good context for synchronized interests in an SAP implementation. Read more
procurement visual

Corporate procurement visualization

procurement visual
As a company grows larger, the purchasing function becomes more complex and important. The goal is to efficiently buy materials and services to eliminate wasteful spending and improve the supply chain. The following series shows the evolution of our visual representation of procurement used in an SAP software implementation. Read more
How to visualize product lifecycle management

Product lifecycle management story

How to visualize product lifecycle management
If your work requires explaining complicated subjects to people that have to understand, then visuals are a great tool. As a goal this year, I'll post a new visual business story on a monthly basis. For those of you that follow my blog (hello out there?) there will be something to look forward to regularly! It is interesting to watch the evolution of a visual explanation from the initial conversations I had with clients through their final illustration. Rather than get hung up on the precise Read more

SAP communication visually evolves

When a very large organization changes a central software package that everyone uses, it's important to communicate clearly. Duh! Departments don't (or shouldn't) operate in silos; and they seldom understand one another's business. Putting all the pieces together so each group can understand one another's operations can become critical. That way the new opportunities and necessary work transitions can be adopted more quickly. We developed a series of SAP communications for different corporate Read more