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Business process change design

If you’re a business change consultant or communications manager as many of my clients are today, then you know how hard it can be to change a way of doing things. Really, not many people like to have change forced upon them for any reason.

So if you’re considering a new program, developing communications to support the change is critical. Otherwise you risk having people not understand your change, at best, or thoroughly resist it, at worst.

We’ve helped clients like Nike, Mercer, and other companies develop interesting communications that utilize branded programs and information that supports a memorable and fun experience. A recent example for a cold storage company in Washington State involved a tracking software update to Accelos software. To introduce the program, a spy program based on James Bond was created. Program logos, t-shirts, PPT, and other materials supported a memorable introduction and adoption program.

Drop me a note, mark@visualtranslations.com, to discuss what impending communication challenges you face.

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