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Visual dashboards for project tracking

Engaging illustrations make it easier to communicate status updates. A quick, visual read of progress supports understanding among participants so they can stay on track and know what's coming next. I've gathered a few examples from different clients here to show the diversity of approaches available. If your timeline spans years, it's certainly helpful to retain some editing capabilities to reshuffle priorities. We used powerpoint in this Forest Service example to outline several critical Read more

Enterprise change instructions made visual

One challenge in promoting an organization-wide change is tuning the message details correctly. When different people need the information at different times, and in different detail levels, the messages can become complex quickly. In this case for example, we had some technology users with compressed files and some with none. We had some users who were responsible for multiple computers. All had to migrated on a manageable and orderly schedule. Our response was to develop a critical path Read more

History of ‘Keep calm and carry on’ poster

In the spring of 1939, the British government commissioned three posters with just the crown of King George the 6th as a graphic device. They were intended to go up in shop windows and inspire the British people during the war. The three final designs read as follows: Your courage, your cheerfulness, your resolution, will bring us victory. Freedom is in peril, defend it with all your might. Keep calm, and carry on. The third message was for a time of invasion, and was never officially used. It was Read more

Photo information graphic examples

I found this information graphic design website today and I'm adding it to our collection of resource suggestions. Some clients, like Accenture, prefer to use photo images in their information graphics. Although they probably don't need to know about Bigfoot sightings in doing their global work. Read more

Information graphics support process change

When Hoffman Construction updated their mission critical project tracking software, visuals were used to clarify the need for change, how processes would improve, and what was required of employees. Here's a short testimonial outlining the projects challenges and objectives. For more examples of how the projects unfolded, please visit our related Hoffman posts. Read more