Visualize Return on Investment (ROI) to promote products

Put the financial advantages of your services in perspective to influence thinking. We combine the analytical power of numbers with an emotional appeal. If work can be made easier and the entire office becomes much more efficient, why not try it? The Return on Investment happens so quickly that it makes perfect sense from a financial perspective. For US freight brokers that work with complex and fast-moving data, we provided an image that put them at the center of services that make them more efficient throughout their day and across the office.

Of course you can do this too by visually demonstrating how a product improves a customer’s condition. Put yourself in their shoes and as Ogilvy said “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”

illustration of broker services

A broker’s investment is recovered quickly through improved daily activities.

The Broker’s whole office is made more efficient, boosting ROI further.


sketch of DAT ROI advantages

Key advantages in productivity, efficiency, reliability, and growth are highlighted.