Integrated Delivery Networks IDN

What is an IDN, and why should you care?

An IDN, or Integrated Delivery Network, is a managed care network that may exert more influence over care recommendations than your doctor or insurance company. An IDN can determine what the standard of care is for a specific ailment, and which drugs are going to be ‘on formulary’ and most often available to you as a patient.

For pharmaceutical companies, the rise of IDNs in different markets complicates sales and distribution success by introducing an organization with varied objectives by community. Imagine a more mature population in one retirement-destination city vs. a younger demographic elsewhere. The care emphasis may shift from geriatric to pediatric.

We undertook various representations of this IDN shift for IMS Health, a global information and services consulting company. I think the visual evolution and alternatives are interesting to consider. How can we explain this shift quickly, in a compelling way?

Integrated Delivery Networks IDNIntegrated Delivery Networks IDN

Integrated Delivery Networks IDN

Integrated Delivery Networks have unknown agendas

Integrated Delivery Networks IDN

Integrated Delivery Network influences

We liked something in each approach and found the revelation of IDN motivators (through IMS Health data insights) in this final solution to be most compelling. We continue to work with IMS Health to convey a wide variety of data management concepts that help their clients utilize information in new and productive ways.