More words don’t always clarify meaning

And a message sent is not always a message received. If you have something to say, strive to engage audiences intellectually and emotionally with a communication that makes sense. Consider their demographics and interests to be successful. We provide marketing support in developing visual tools used in various marketing applications like websites, PPT presentations, videos, and PDF overviews. We also develop identity systems and guidelines for new ventures.

Here are a few examples:

A model of Mercer WIN (Workforce Insight Network).
A model of Mercer WIN (Workforce Insight Network).
KRW International business card design
KRW International report cover front
KRW International report cover back

Businesses benefit from professional and clean presentation systems that frame service offerings well.

People learn by seeing the action

Adults are skeptics. A visible demonstration of value is often required to open the mind to new learning. Otherwise messages are quickly forgotten.

Reading PowerPoint slides to educated audiences does nothing to enhance comprehension and recall. Engage both sides of the brain by creatively stimulating visual and audio input.

Here are a few examples:

Keeping up with the Quants, book illustration, Harvard Business Press
Keeping up with the Quants, book illustration, Harvard Business. Press

Technical illustrations make complicated subjects clear and engaging.

Process change is key to investment value

If there is a need to make a change to peoples’ behavior, multiple challenges present themselves. First, they must understand what’s required, but more importantly, why they should bother. Adult learners tend to be skeptics and resistant to change so it’s very helpful to demonstrate not just the steps needed but the case for change.

Here are a few examples:

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