Visual Translations is an information design company that believes there are rules in communication. To be successful, viewer interests and business objectives must be balanced. We work with you to identify the interesting story that will help you more readily connect with audiences that need to take action.

There are several different types of information graphic, each with different strengths for conveying information.

There are well-documented studies that demonstrate how visual tools save valuable time. Important communications that request behavioral change from many people benefit from clear, quick, compelling presentations.
Any story is more memorable and interesting with the inclusion of visual information.

Clients we have served include:

Mark Allen

Mark translates confusing business jargon into clear messages that resonate. His background in big consulting has uniquely prepared him for this mission.  Mark has served as a creative consulting leader with Accenture, Arthur Andersen, Mercer, and other companies. He enjoys particularly complicated products and services as challenges to clarify before audiences with compelling words and images.

Mark has degrees in Business Administration and Visual Communications, and applies his skills to marketing communications, process development, and instructional design. He works with a contracting crew of like-minded, very talented professionals as client needs dictate.