The ITIL library of information graphics

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I worked with REC Silicon and Toby Lucich of Return Consulting a few years ago to translate some of the core ideas behind the Information Technology Infrastructure Library into visuals that could be understood more easily by laypeople. Included below are several of the image maps and beneath are some of the original files used as reference. Yuck.

This is a good example of the work I do with consulting clients to make hard to understand subjects easier to ‘get’ and act upon. Visual communications greatly improve process adoption, education, and marketing.

A more descriptive account of this ITIL work is available. I’ll give you the PDF files if you’d like to use them in your office, just write and ask!

Service Desk Support
ITIL Service Support Desk
Software Delivery Life Cycle
ITIL Software Development Life cycle
Working With Service Desk
How to work with a service desk
Some of the original ITIL files.