ITIL is a set of standard operating procedures for Information Technology (IT). The standards are widely accepted and implemented around the world at large and small companies. I’ve assisted in visually explaining how ITIL works to improve the efficiency of a service desk in helping businesses efficiently use resources. As a layperson, I’d describe ITIL as a means to govern and deploy complex software, hardware, and talent to efficiently manage enterprise data and change given business priorities.

In addition to ITIL, we’ve worked on SAP rollouts and other technology communications. The bottom line is that these are very expensive, time-consuming endeavors and all partners need to understand what’s going to change for the investments to realize full value.

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ITIL as implemented by a client, with specific to their business environment
The overall Forest Service approach described 6 phases with supportive groups.
Even more detailed ITIL depictions have been developed for the USDA Forest Service.
Each phase, like Service Strategy, received a more detailed illustration.